About Us : First African Distance Learning University

FADLU University :

Our commitment to the future of education
as our world transits fully to the knowledge economy, FADLU stands at the forefront of the greatest wave in education—that of open access and active learning.

No one knows precisely what universities of the future will look like, but we can predict with some confidence that they will emphasize what we already value: increased quality and clear satisfaction of student expectations, with some combination of online and on-campus interaction—recognizing that different students learn in different ways.

Our end goal is the creation of new knowledge and the preservation of academic freedoms. We uphold the great liberal arts tradition, which challenges students to think deeply and critically—an asset in any pursuit.

We’re also expanding access to higher education through online courses, and hybrid courses (which blend online and on campus) to meet the diverse needs of you, our students.

In this regard, First African Distance Learning University ” (FADLU ) can serve as a working model for our field. What matters to us is your commitment—not only to your own growth, but to our global society.

Together, we can make future generations stronger, more informed, and ready for the challenges ahead.


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