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Module 1: The Role of Accounting in Business

6 Views  FADLU Learning  .   Module 1: The Role of Accounting in Business !   Why It Matters: The Role of Accounting in Business. Accounting plays a vital role in running a business because it allows management to track income and expenditures; ensures statutory compliance; and provides investors, management, and government with information they require. […]

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The World Accredited University In Africa – First African Distance University

8 Views Visit Our Websites : First African Distance Learning University  !! Application fee(Non-refundable )=USD32. Acceptance fee (Non-refundable)=USD50. Total school fees = USD1,144. Course = Four Sessions . A session = Two semesters. Cost per a session = USD 286. Full payment = USD 1,144. Minimum part payment = USD 286. School fees could be […]

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